Being a top gambler is not easy. It take time and commitment, deep knowledge, a decent bankroll to get you started, and a whole lot of nerve. The most important ingredient, however, is knowing the top places to gamble. Where you go to make your bets is one of the most important determining factors in your success. This is more true today than it has ever been.

It used to be that you had a certain number of options at your disposal if you wanted to go gambling. And they all depended on your location, willingness to travel, and your budget. If you lived in the US your top options were Las Vegas and Reno if you were in the West Coast, and Atlantic City if you were in the East Coast. There are also the various Indian reservation casinos that popped up over the years, but they were an inferior experience—with poorer odds, and fewer games to choose from. In Europe, you had your Monaco and Monte Carlo casinos, and the few French Riviera casinos that dotted the coast.

These options, limited as they were, provided a safe, trustworthy, and extremely classy experience. They were inconvenient, to be sure, but you knew exactly what you were getting. Full governmental regulation means that players never need to worry. Things became more complicated in the 1990s. Online casinos came on the scene and changed everything. On the one hand, online casinos are completely egalitarian. It doesn’t matter how much money you have to begin with. There are no travel costs and tables accommodate all types of budgets. On the other hand, online casinos live in the nebulous world of the internet.

As with all things, there are the good and there are the bad. Online casinos are no exception. The good are very good. And the bad are worse than your worst nightmare. You need to know where to go if you’re going to play online. You need to know which ones are the top casinos. And you need to avoid the rest.

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What makes a casino a top gambling location? There are several factors. First, I will focus on the most important one. Safety. Gambling online is safe and secure. Period. But only if you play at a reputable and vetted casino. The industry started to self-regulate in the past decade, and this has made all the difference. Online casinos are now licensed by governments, including countries located within the EU. This is the single most important revolution in the online gaming industry. Online casinos are accountable for their actions. Players are backed by the licensing bodies and need not worry about financial transactions or fairness.

The games are tightly controlled to make sure there is no funny business behind the curtains. Everything works as it should, and players are free to play and gamble, and make their fortunes as they wish. Then come the other factors, the ones that put the online casinos over the top where it comes to the best places to play casino games in the world. Online casinos offer payback rates that were unheard of in the industry before they cropped up in the 1990s. Suddenly the house advantage moved from the order of 10%-15% for brick and mortar casinos to 0.5%-1% in online casinos. What they have done is essentially get rid of the house advantage in a functional sense.

This change was made possibly by the virtual nature of the casinos. They don’t have to hire waitresses, give out free alcohol, cover massive utility costs, and pay unionized workers. Online casinos have practically no overhead. They have a software license and servers to maintain. These are the same operating costs that the average blog might have. The savings, in turn, are passed on to the players. This is possible by the sheer volume of players that can play at any time. Because tables aren’t limited by physical space, many more players can play at once, and a lot more money can pass through the casino every day. A 1% house advantage in the long term is more than enough to keep such a casino in business.

There is no doubt that the top place to gamble is online. But, again, not just anywhere online. Only at the top online casinos. All the rest must be avoided at all costs. To find out where the top online casinos are, read on below. We list the most trustworthy destinations on the web. Each of the casinos on our list was cherry picked individually by our staff of industry professionals. We used several criteria to make sure these are the best among the best, including their global payback percentages, the size of their bonuses, and their reputation and track record within the industry.


You cannot go wrong if you play at any of the online casinos listed in our Lucky Seven List:

  1. 888 CASINO
    Bonus: $1,400
    Software: Random Logic
    The 888 Casino is one of the most popular online gambling destinations on the internet. It was established in 1997 and it continues to go strong today. One of the reasons its popularity never wanes is that it is one of the true veterans in the industry. It is a very large operation, licensed in the EU by the UK, employs over 1000 people worldwide on a full time basis, and is traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange. This is a company with many investors and its operating structure is designed to appease its stockholders. This means everything about this company is transparent and legitimate. Its ownership, its corporate structure, its earnings, and how it operates are all public information. The 888 Casino is one of the founding partners of eCOGRA, the industry standard for safety and honesty. If you choose only one casino online to play at, the 888 Casino is one of the best choices available on the internet.

    Bonus: $1,000
    Software: Microgaming
    Betway casino is one of the largest on the internet. It has one of the most comprehensive gaming catalogs of any online gambling website in the world. Just the casino portion alone is home to over 500 games, all of which are state of the art, promptly updated as new offerings come out. Betway offers additional betting options, such as an extremely well developed sports betting infrastructure. Betway is the best place to find exotic games of hazard. They allow players to wager on an extremely varied, and sometimes bizarre variety of games. It is one of the few online casinos that offers Pachinko as an option, for instance. The casino itself is extremely reputable. It is licensed in Malta, one of the most exclusive licensing bodies in the world, and is answerable to the EU as a result. From a safety standpoint, Betway is among the best. Data is secure and safe. Transaction are discreet. The only negative aspect of Betway is that they do not allow US based players under any circumstances. For everyone else, Betway is certainly one of the top gambling locations worldwide.

    Bonus: $1,000
    Software: Playtech
    Euro Grand Casino features one of the best software platforms available today. The games catalog is limited to 150 games. However, those games stand among the best in the world in terms of quality. They feature slick next generation graphics and sounds. While this might seem unimportant in the scheme of things, it is an important consideration for many. Casino games are games, after all. And the audio-visual experience is a big part of what makes them enjoyable. The EuroGrand, needless to say, scores big points for presentation. They made sure the entire experience is slick, glossy, and refined. It is obvious that no expense has been spared in the preparation of this casino. The attention to detail extends to the heart of the software itself. Transactions are protected by state of the art security. User data is as secure as it would be in a government database. And the third party company that audits the software is the industry giant, Technical Systems Testing, which is the very same one employed by many governments to make sure the lotto is fair.

    Bonus: $2,400
    Software: Playtech
    The Europa Casino offers one of the best bonuses in the online casino industry. $2,400 to use as you wish at any of the games they offer. Their bonus is positioned to be very aggressive in recruiting new players. And it works. The Europa Casino is one of the fastest growing online casinos in the world. Everything about the Europa Casino is about quality. From the amazing Playtech games to the rock solid software platform. The $2,400 bonus is just the start in a very generously packaged gaming experience. The generosity does not stop once the welcome bonus is used up. There are constant opportunities to win huge prizes at every step of the way, which only grow the more you gamble. The VIP program is built upon the loyalty points you gather while playing. It is a ladder system, meaning that at each tier, the bonuses become more appealing, culminating in amazing cash conversion rates, prizes such as expense paid vacations, and a personal concierge service. The Europa Casino is designed to constantly surprise its clientele with perks, bonuses, and services.

    Bonus: $200
    Software: Microgaming
    One thing that needs to be cleared up right off the bat is that the $200 bonus is misleading. It seems as if it is small and paltry compared to the other casinos’ massive welcome bonus packages. Appearances can be deceiving. EuroPalace Casino does something that most other casinos would balk at doing. They offer 1500 play credits that can be claimed without a deposit at all. The credits are a bit different than the usual bonus in that they cannot be directly withdrawn. However, anything you win using these credits is yours to keep. Additionally, every deposit you make has a 10% match bonus attached to it. Suddenly the $200 welcome bonus is like a cherry on top of an already delectable package. The EuroPalace Casino lives up to its name in that it is European through and through. It is licensed in the EU by the government of Malta, and operates within the highest standards of the industry.

    Bonus: $5,000
    Software: Playtech
    The Mansion Casino is relatively new. It was established in 2004 and quickly positioned itself as a premium gambling destination online. The Mansion Casino prides itself on the amazing amounts of money that it is known to pay out. They are particularly famous for their $5,000 welcome bonus, the largest in the industry. Another point of pride with the Mansion Casino is the inordinate amount of progressive jackpots they have in their roster. With over 40 progressive jackpots strewn among their 250 games, they have one of the highest concentration of progressive jackpot per game ratios in the world. The games are all top of the line, with all the latest Marvel licensed slot machines. This is as close an approximation to real casino software as one is likely to find in the online gambling world. As with the other casinos on this list, the Mansion Casino is licensed in the EU. Their license is granted by Gibraltar, which is part of the UK.

    Bonus: $1,000
    Software: Microgaming
    Slots is the name of the game at the SpinPalace. This long lived casino positions itself specifically to lovers of slots machines. This is not to say that they don’t offer all the casino games you would expect, such as craps and blackjack. Every game is represented in their Microgaming powered collection. But slot machines are the big focus here. And slot machines equal big prizes to the lucky jackpot winners. A quick look at their homepage reveals the latest winners, and it is obvious that the odds with the Spin Palace slot machines are better than just about anywhere else online or offline. As with the other casinos on this list, Spin Palace is eCOGRA certified, which means that the casino is vetted. It is by far one of the most popular slots destinations in the world, and has several industry awards under its belt. In 2002 alone they took home four of the biggest industry awards.