When Online Casinos started opening their virtual doors in the late 1990s, players were confronted with a game they had always heard of, but never actually encountered. It was a bit like encountering a movie star, because the only place anyone was likely to have seen the game of baccarat was in the old classic 007 movies, and in particular in Casino Royale, in which the entire plot revolves around a game of baccarat. There is a good reason that most people never actually got to play the game for themselves. Baccarat is usually reserved for the very wealthy in a private room that most people have no access to. Furthermore, the amount of money that casino baccarat requires far exceeds what most people have available to them.

Online casinos came in and democratized the game of baccarat. They set low minimum wager tables, and made the game available to anyone who wants to play it. The only thing is that most people have no idea what the best way to play baccarat might be. Most people have blackjack and craps pretty well figured out, but baccarat remains a mystery.

How to play is actually a rather simple subject that is not within the scope of this article. What I want to touch upon are the best ways to play and stay alive in this game that can require a seemingly enormous amount of money to play. The baccarat player does not have a lot of control over the outcome of the game. This means that the best bet is to always place your wager on the banker. Simple as that.

Doesn’t sound like much of a guide, then. The thing about baccarat is that making the bet is simple. Knowing how much to bet is the tricky part. Bankroll is the single most important consideration in the game. Bankrolls management will make or break the player over the course of a single game, and careful attention needs to be given to this critical aspect of baccarat.

Luckily, online casinos offer a slew of information about the game. This information includes how many hands have been played, how much time has elapsed, and how many hands are played per hour. This information will dictate the amount of money the player needs to set aside for the game. There is one more thing most online casinos will permit you to do, audit games. This means that you can play a few practice rounds of baccarat before you commit to playing for money.

The tricky thing about setting a realistic bankroll budget is that players need to know their own playing style. The practice rounds in the online casinos serve this purpose beautifully. They allow one to get a sense of their own tendencies, which can actually turn out to be quite surprising.

Once the playing style is identified, one needs to know approximately how many hands per round they will play. Of course, it is impossible to know for sure, so a rough estimate works as well as a definite figure. Once an estimate is made, dividing the bankroll budget by the average number of hands will yield the maximum bet per hand.

This strategy forms the betting strategy for the round. Players simply adjust their wagers up or down based on whether they are winning or losing, while staying within their budgeted limit. Simply separate each bet into a monetary unit, and increase the wager by one unit after every win and decrease the wager by one unit for each loss. This is in essence the opposite of a progressive betting strategy, but it is perfectly suited to the game of baccarat.

What this method does is create an easy method to track wins and losses, as well as how much money is left in the bankroll. Cautious and slow play will ensure that it is possible to survive long enough at baccarat in order to start racking up some real wins.