Blackjack is a gambler’s game. It is the only game in the casino that doesn’t force players to be victims of pure chance. If you lose at blackjack, it is probably because you have done something stupid. And if you win it is probably because you played the game the way it is supposed to be played. No one is born with the knowledge of how to beat blackjack. It takes time and effort to memorize the basic strategy rules. Many players opt instead to use a reference card. There is no shame in that. It gives players a leg up on the game, which is smart.

Because blackjack is governed by so many rules of proper play, there are several myths that managed to wend their way into players’ minds, which have no basis in reality. In many cases, such myths are based on superstition. In any other game, this is fine. It doesn’t matter if you have a superstitious ritual that you perform before a game. However, many of these myths are not so innocuous. They can have far reaching implications and go so far as to ruin the game for you. When you are dealing with real money, this is an unacceptable proposition.

The top myth in this list is the idea that the dealer’s face down card is always a ten. I don’t mean that players are foolish enough to think there are an unlimited number of tens in the deck, which always find their way into the dealer’s hand. No one would believe that. What I mean is that novice blackjack players are usually taught to play as though the hole card is a ten. The idea is that if the dealer shows a ten, it must be assumed that the hole card is also a ten. If the dealer shows a nine, then the hole card is also a ten, giving the dealer a potentially unbeatable 19.

This is ridiculous. Cautious play is one thing. But playing to lose is another altogether. This puts players at risk of making potentially foolish moves out of desperation. Consider the fact that less than one third of the cards are tens. That means that almost 70% of the time, that hole card is not a ten. To play as though the ensuing hand is guaranteed to beat yours is ridiculous given such odds. The only way to play blackjack properly is to go based on what you see. The basic strategy spells out for you exactly what you need to be doing no matter what the dealer hand is in relation to what you hand is. Every single situation is accounted for. Ignore all the bad advice and stick to what is true. Try it out at a variety of the best online casinos.

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The second myth deals with how players react to other players at a table. This myth started in brick and mortar casinos, but is alive and well in online casinos as well, where any table might have other players at the same time, and especially at live dealer casinos. The idea is that a player who plays randomly and not by the rules will ruin the shoe for those who are playing according to strategy. Thus players who adhere to this myth won’t even play at tables where they suspect one of the players might be inexperienced. This myth goes so far at scaring people with the idea that if a player joins a table in mid game, the order of the cards in the shoe will be thrown off, and the game will become impossible to play.

The reason this is absurd is that basic strategy is not based on a deck being set up in a specific ordered way. It doesn’t matter how the next player plays. The strategy is designed to deal exactly with what is in front of the player. This myth is very closely related to pure superstition. It is a witch hunt in the end, and has often resulted in lost tempers, scuffles, and violence. I behoove you to let go of this myth if you adhere to it. It is not based in any sort of reality.

The next myth is so ridiculous that it doesn’t even deserve mention. I will only briefly outline it in order to draw attention to it. Some people believe that if the dealer wins, the fault lies with the player in the last position. If the dealer wins it is not the last players fault. Plain and simple. Each player plays the cards they were dealt and that’s it. They are not responsible for the well being of the table as a whole. I won’t dignify this myth any more than this.

The final myth in blackjack is actually the most damaging of all. It is the idea that it is somehow illegal to count cards. It is not illegal. Casinos don’t like it. But what goes on in your head is your business. There is no though police to arrest you for thinking about the order of the cards. Card counting is simply a very difficult technique that anyone can learn with practice and effort. If you have mastered it, then hats off to you. You should not be afraid to use it. Online casinos, in fact, will publicly state right on their websites that they not only condone card counting, but they will openly invite you to practice it. It is all in the game, and they know it. Never, ever be afraid to count cards. You are playing with your hard earned money and any advantage you might have is your right to make use of. Try to play now at Golden Riviera Casino.