Craps is a wonderful game. It is so lively and fast paced. It is extremely fun to play. It is also one of the only games in the casino> that will allow you to win as often as a seasoned blackjack player—even without any skill whatsoever. So let the blackjack players study for years. They will have about the same chances of winning big as you will. Except you can be a first time player.

Craps is just designed that way. It is one of those games designed to make the casino look good. People at craps tables are happy, they are excited and their money is flowing. Most important, they remain engaged for a long time, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere. Craps is like PR for the casino. This remains true in the virtual world. Although you won’t have the shouts and yells and palpable atmosphere online as you would in a casino cruise, what you will have is an amazing string of wins unmatched anywhere else. Online craps has approximately a 1% house advantage. Even if you spend half a lifetime studying blackjack you might never get odds that good.

So if you’re already poised to go home with some money from the craps table, how can you further gain an upper hand, in order to close that 1% gap? Simple, you use a gambling method called the Fibonacci system.

You might have heard of the martingale method. Most people will tell you that it just doesn’t work. The Fibonacci is predicated on a similar concept, but has a much likelier chance of keeping you in play. At its core it is a money management system that just works. In addition to it all, it is dead simple to use if you can memorize the pattern.

The basic sequence to remember is the relationship of one number to the two preceding it. Each number is the sum of the previous two. It is a relationship called “the golden ratio” and if you have a relative who deals in architecture or graphic design, you might already have heard of it. The sequence is as follows: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 35 89 144…

You don’t have to memorize the sequence because there is a pattern to it. 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5…and so on. So if you want to figure out the next number in the sequence past 144, all you have to do is add the previous number to get the sum, so 89+144=233. It is pretty easy to grasp, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. This is a magic relationship that exists in all of nature.

The ancient Greeks grasped it, and the Parthenon is built on such proportions. The pattern is to be found in anything that is a spiral shape, from the shell of a snail to the seeds in a sunflower, to the shape of a pine cone. Next time you pick up a pine cone take a look at how it is arranged. You will see this pattern emerging with each row becoming gradually larger according to this ratio. You can find and play this game at any top-online casino.

So how can this help you in craps? You make your wagers based on this ratio. Instead of doubling your bets like in the martingale method, you follow the Fibonacci number sequence. Your first bet is $1, your next bet is $2, the next one after that is $3, and the next one after that is $5. Already, you should be seeing why this system is better than the martingale method. In the martingale you would start with $1, then $2, $4, $8. This is four iterations down. One more iteration down the line will yield a wager of $8 in the Fibonacci system and a wager of $16 in the martingale. One more wager in, the Fibonacci will demand a wager of $13, and the martingale will need a wager of $32. Do you see the difference? It should be apparent by now that whereas the martingale system will take you to ruin within a few bets, the Fibonacci system will not. It will allow you to continue playing until you recover your losses. And the key to winning in craps is survival. You need to remain in play in order to win. And the Fibonacci system will allow you to do just that. Try out craps now at Winner Casino or any other online casino you prefer.