Have you ever sat at a poker game and wondered who the fish was? If the answer is yes, then chances are very good that you were the fish. Playing poker against seasoned professionals is extremely challenging. In fact, it is more than challenging. It is impossible to beat them. Not only do poker pros know the game inside and out. They know the psychological game. They can read you like a book. The only people who can get a leg up on professional poker players are…other professional poker players.

This is not to say that you are not a good poker player, however. You might be quite good. You might even know the game intimately. The good news is that casinos, including all online casinos, offer a fantastic version of poker called video poker. Think of it as a cross between poker and slots machines.

Similarly to slot machines, video poker is built on a machine with a screen you interact with after inserting credits. Unlike slot machines, though, they offer options on how to play. And knowing how to play poker well can result in big rewards at the video poker machine. The odds are approximately as good at video poker as they are at blackjack, which is the gold standard by which all other casino games are measured.

Video Poker machines are, for the most part, based on five card draw. This is not to say there aren’t variations. Deuces wild, aces and faces, jacks or better, and others are offered in most online casinos. It is just a matter of looking for the version you like best. The rest is all predicated on your skill as a poker player…minus the psychological game. This is good news, as it distills the game to its mathematical elements. In other words, you cannot be tricked into losing by a crafty opponent. Video poker machines play fair and square. Try one out for yourself and see the fair play at CasinoEuro.

The basic things to know about video poker is that they operate very similarly to slots. There is a pay table that should be clearly delineated along with the probabilities of each hand and how much they pay based on the wager placed. One thing that makes video poker machines very interesting is the fact that they are sometimes connected to massive progressive jackpots. This simple fact makes video poker a very appealing proposition.

The various video poker machines are all quite similar in the way they operate, aside from the play variations. The main differences generally deal with payouts. It is important to note that on deuces wild machines, have a very high payback percentage, sometimes exceeding 100%, making them the best game in the casino. Not all deuces wild machines, however are set at that rate, and it is difficult to identify such a machine casually. They do exist, though, and it is worth specializing in deuces wild on the off chance that the machine you end up playing at is one of these loose ones. Find a nice array of that at any of the plethora of top-online casinos.